I’m Jenna, a Boston-based content creator who specializes in video, photo, copywriting, social media, and all things restaurant marketing. I also blog about health/wellness for creatively-driven people here.

Work with me: I have a love for all things creative, and digital marketing. My greatest skills are in social media management, as well as content creation in the form of photo, video, copywriting, blogging, and more. I am excited at the prospect of assisting brands in telling their digital stories through the media I make. If you're interested in working together, please view my resume on LinkedIn, contact me above, or email me at jennacalderara@gmail.com

Developing my passion for wellness: Starting in 2011, while attending art college, I began experiencing debilitating health issues attributed to the overuse of antibiotics, poor sleep, undiagnosed mental health problems, and above all, my diet. Since then, I have gone through a whirlwind of medical procedures, seen specialists across the board, have had countless blood panels, and essentially have been in and out of the doctor's office for the good part of six years. In 2015, a functional nutritionist I was seeing "unofficially" diagnosed me with dysbiosis, which has caused caused a spectrum of problems, from skin issues to digestive struggles. Since then, I have been taking my health into my own hands through dietary, and holistic practices.

While this experience may seem entirely negative, it has led me develop a love for nutrition, health & wellness, and cooking. I love expressing my creativity through the food that I make. My blog is the part of this site where I share my experiences, my struggles, and of course, food. I aim to show you that you can take back your health and maximize your creativity when facing problems such as chronic illness, burn-out, and even just mental blocks. In addition, I am passionate about bringing awareness to the problems women face when they are struggling with their health. For a more-detailed account of my health journey, click here!

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